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• Forgeries
• Contracts
• Criminal Cases
• Civil Cases
• Forged Checks
• Last Wills & Testament
• Legal Agreements
• Poison Pen Letters

• Disguised Writing
• Auto Signers

This page contains a directory of America's top ranked forensic handwriting experts whom many you have probably seen on TV or at your local courthouse.
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• Notary Signatures
• Notary Stamps
• Real Estate
• Loan Documents
• Endorsements
• Ink Testing
• Legal Declarations
• Expert Witness
• Photocopies
• Inspection of Originals
• Court Testimony
• Deeds
• Titles
• Student Loans


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Forgery Detection is a complicated and skilled profession which takes years of training.

The handwriting experts on this page are qualified to help you solve your case. We work with attorneys, individuals, and corporations internationally.

Note: The individuals on this page testify in court on the authenticity of documents & signatures... they are not graphologist or make personality assessments from handwriting. They are all court qualified forensic document examiners.


If you have a potential forgery problem, or a disputed document, we can help. The Handwriting Experts / Document Examiners on this site are pre-screened qualified professionals who can detect forgeries, identify anonymous writing, authenticate documents, and stand firm on the witness stand to help your case.

Attorney Recommended.

Highly Trained and Courtroom Experienced.

You can speak to the document examiner before you officially retain, to confirm he or she is a good fit for your case.

Flat Rate for each document, no billing surprises, ever.

Notarized Written Reports ready in as little as 2-5 days.

We can review all types of documents via fax, email, and originals, if available.

Some of our handwriting expert's rates are less than industry averages. Plus... you have the option of a low flat-rate or an attorney retainer billing option. You can talk to us before you decide to retain. Our experts build long-term relationships with our clients, so customer service is the cornerstone of our success.

Many of our handwriting experts are nationally known for commentary of such shows as Larry King Live, Fox News, Court TV, and The Today Show on NBC and have appeared in articles in the Wall Street Journal and USA today.

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Our handwriting experts render opinions in cases involving disputed wills, deeds, contracts, forged checks, anonymous or threatening letters, and much more.

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Our experts will consult your attorney on how to best present the handwriting documents so that you have a better chance of winning your case. Our experts are veterans.

You can pay instantly online and have your documents reviewed within hours (depending on case load.)

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Nationwide Experts


Bart Baggett & Associates
Los Angeles, California and Nationwide

Curt Baggett
Dallas Texas, Nationwide and International.


Mr. Bob Baier
New York City, New York (Entire East Coast)


Wendy Carlson
Dallas, Texas.

Bart Baggett
San Francisco, CA


Brenda Petty
Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas

Dianne Peterson
Orlando, Florida

Southeast Handwriting Labs
Miami, Florida

Wendy Carlson


Brenda Petty
Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas


Nevada Forensic Labs
Las Vegas, Nevada


Dianne Peterson
Nashville, Tennessee



Both attorneys and non-attorney clients receive a free initial consultation from any of our recommended handwriting experts.

Real Customer's Comments Our Experts

"Wanted to let you know ... I spoke to my Tax Attorney earlier today and he reiterated that the IRS Revenue Officer was further persuaded in his decision to grant the separation of my liability from my ex-husband's because of your finding that my signature had been forged on the tax return.' As my attorney put it, 'That was money well spent'. I thank you so much for that." - Susan Stalker, San Ramon, CA

"I never thought I'd need a handwriting expert. You have saved my marriage and my Army career! It was really hard to prove when a forger signed my name and made it look like I did it! Thanks to you the truth will prevail. Thanks a million again and again!" - Charles Barber Ft Polk, Louisiana

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  You can get an official notarized written opinion from most of our team of handwriting experts for less than $795 -including all forensic laboratory work. Some experts are prices as low as $395 and some high-profile experts fees extend above $995.
Plus, you can always speak to your expert first, before your examination begins.

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Our examiners render opinions in cases involving disputed wills, deeds, contracts, forged checks, anonymous or threatening letters, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions we will answer when you call.

  • What exactly does a handwriting expert / document examiner do?
  • How much does a handwriting expert charge to render an opinion?
  • Why should I hire one of the above recommended experts?
  • What training does a handwriting expert have to have in order to testify in a court of law?
  • Can I just email you the handwriting samples, or must you have the originals to render an opinion?
  • Will your testimony be accepted in a court of law?
  • How much will it cost to have you come to court and testify live in person?
  • Are your prices higher, lower, or the same as other "forensic handwriting experts" around the nation?
  • Why should I hire you, instead of another examiner?
  • Is there any special benefit to your experience and training over another?

All these questions and more can be answered by simply calling one of the above experts. Your first conversation will take place without a fee, so you can make sure you are hiring the right expert for the job.

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Real Customer's Comments Our Experts

"The Expert H.S.I assigned me was the best expert witness I've ever worked with. What's more, he successfully testified for my client via telephone in a live trial here in Alaska. He even "consulted with me" on how best to cross-examine the defense's document examiner. We won the trial and I recommend him whole heartedly." — Jim Fry, Attorney, Anchorage, Alaska

"Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Your opinion letter may become enough to prevent a trial."
Sandra G. Slater Phoenix, AZ (Non-Attorney)

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